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Tan Pattern


All Possible Tan Combinations
Black Based
Chocolate Based
Slate Based
Caramel Based
Lilac Based
Beige Based
Black Tan Chocolate Tan Blue Tan Caramel Tan* Lilac Tan Beige Tan
Black, Gold* Chocolate, Gold* Slate, Gold* Caramel, Gold* Lilac, Gold* Beige, Gold*
Black Otter* Chocolate Otter* Blue Otter* Caramel Otter* Lilac Otter* Beige Otter*
Black Marten Chocolate Marten Blue Marten Caramel Marten* Lilac Marten Beige Marten
Sable Otter* Chocolate Sable Otter* Slate Sable Otter* Caramel Sable Otter* Lilac Sable Otter* Beige Sable Otter*
Tan Pattern Himalayan* Chocolate Tan Pattern Himalayan* Slate Tan Pattern Himalayan* Caramel Tan Pattern Himalayan* Lilac Tan Pattern Himalayan* Beige Tan Pattern Himalayan*
* Not currently accepted in any breed.
You can also view this chart with all genotypes added.