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Golden Solid Coronet by Annalee Penrod, used with permission
Golden Solid Coronet by Annalee Penrod, used with permission

The solid color is caused by the allele, ar when it is combined with either, another ar, at or a. ar extends the eumelanin up the hair shaft so that only the tip of the hair appears red.  This gives a ticked appearance that is darker than that of the agouti. The solid gene also extends the ticking through the entire body, giving a solid color over the entire pig.

All Possible Solid Combinations
Black Based
Chocolate Based
Slate Based
Caramel Based
Lilac Based
Beige Based
Golden Solid
Chocolate, Red
(ar? bb P? C?)
Slate, Red*
(ar? B? pg? C?)
Caramel, Red*
(ar? bb pg? C?)
Lilac, Red-Eyed Orange
(ar? B? pp C?)
Beige, Red-Eyed Orange
(ar? bb pp C?)
Black, Gold*
Chocolate, Gold*
Slate, Gold*
Caramel, Gold*
Lilac, Gold*
Beige, Gold*
Black, Cream
Chocolate, Cream
Slate, Cream*
Caramel, Cream*
Lilac, Cream
Beige, Cream
Silver Solid
Chocolate, White
Slate, White*
Caramel, White*
Lilac, White
Beige, White
Sable, Cream*
Chocolate Sable, Cream*
Slate Sable, Cream*
Caramel Sable, Cream*
Lilac Sable, Cream*
Beige Sable, Cream*
Solid Himalayan
Chocolate Solid Himalayan*
Slate Solid Himalayan*
Caramel Solid Himalayan*
Lilac Solid Himalayan*
Beige Solid Himalayan*
* Not currently showable in any breed.