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Close up image of guinea pig hair with alternating black and red bands.
Agouti hair showing banding by Sharon Miesen

Agouti coloring has bands of phaeomelanin and eumelanin on each hair. These banded hairs cover the head, back, and sides, giving these areas a ticked appearance. The eumelanin is completely removed from the underbelly, inner legs, chin, and at times, a line along the chin toward the ears, and an area around the ears leaving these areas red. The eumelanin is known as the base color and the phaeomelanin is known as the tip color.

All Possible Agouti Combinations
Black Based Chocolate Based Slate Based Caramel Based Lilac Based Beige Based
Golden Agouti Dilute Agouti: Chocolate, Red Dilute Agouti: Slate, Orange Dilute Agouti: Caramel, Orange Dilute Agouti: Lilac, Red-Eyed Orange Dilute Agouti: Beige, Red-Eyed Orange
Dilute Agouti: Black, Gold Dilute Agouti: Chocolate, Gold Dilute Agouti: Slate, Gold Dilute Agouti: Caramel, Gold Dilute Agouti: Lilac, Gold Dilute Agouti: Beige, Gold
Dilute Agouti: Black, Cream Dilute Agouti: Chocolate, Cream Dilute Agouti: Slate, Cream Dilute Agouti: Caramel, Cream Dilute Agouti: Lilac, Cream Dilute Agouti: Beige, Cream
Silver Agouti Dilute Agouti: Chocolate, White Dilute Agouti: Slate, White Dilute Agouti: Caramel, White Dilute Agouti: Lilac, White Dilute Agouti: Beige, White
Sable Agouti Chocolate Agouti Slate Sable Agouti Caramel Sable Agouti Lilac Sable Agouti Beige Sable Agouti
Agouti Himalayan Chocolate Agouti Himalayan Slate Agouti Himalayan Caramel Agouti Himalayan Lilac Agouti Himalayan Beige Agouti Himalayan
* Not currently showable in any breed.

Genotypes of Agouti Combinations has this same chart with the genotypes listed as well.