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Cavy Genetics for Everyone

Cavy Genetics is a work in progress as I gather pictures and work to write information.  Though it will probably never be officially “finished” – as I hope to continue to add to it as new information and genes are discovered – at this point it is a bit messy.  I’m adding pages as I collect information, though the information on each page may not be complete – it may only be a single picture or a sentence or two.  Continue to check back over time as more information is added and pages are expanded.

Under Construction

The Purpose of Cavy Genetics

Cavy Genetics exists to provide information on coat and color genetics in cavies (guinea pigs).  This includes recent findings, such as the California and dilute genes, as well as information gathered from sources around the world to provide breeders with the information to better their herds.

In an attempt to allow everyone to enjoy the site, information provided is simple enough for those not familiar with genetics to understand but also provides in-depth information and science behind the genetics for those wishing to explore more.

Images Needed

I am looking for many pictures of many different colors and breeds of cavies.  If you have well-lit pictures of pigs on an uncluttered background that you are willing to let me use, please contact me.  Credit is placed on each image with the photographer and/or breeder’s name or caviary and all photographers, breeders, and/or caviaries will be listed on the picture credits page.  If you have a website or Facebook page and are willing to let me sort through pictures to see if there are any I can use, I’d really appreciate it!


I intend for everyone to enjoy and access this site, including those with print, visual, and other disabilities.  If, while browsing the site, you have any questions regarding the information, difficulty accessing anything or if there is any problem understanding information, please let me know.


I am not a geneticist or even a scientist by profession, but merely a hobbyist breeder who has an interest in genetics.  I made this website because I wanted to make genetics easier for the average cavy breeder to understand.